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You’ve been here before. Pain isn’t new to you. Lack of mobility isn’t new to you. You may have been advised that you have a chronic condition. Although medications may be necessary at times, and sometimes surgery seem to be the only perceived option, there are other solutions that can help you limit the need for either medications or surgery. In some cases, our Exercise Physiologists can even help delay or reduce the need for either.


David Bennett

DAVID – Senior Exercise Physiologist

When I started the business in 2011, I wanted the business name to resonate with how I feel about exercise and what it has done for me, as I am one of the millions of Australians suffering from a chronic condition (Osteoarthritis), hence, Phoenix Health & Fitness was born. Knowing what it feels like to suffer daily, but also having experienced the huge benefits of structured exercise is one of many driving forces behind my passion for what I do and the empathy I provide my patients/clients. There is no more rewarding a feeling than when I see my clients achieve their goals (and having FUN doing it); I believe that there is a management solution for every patient and every condition, therefore, my goal and passion as an Exercise Physiologist is to find that solution…

Phoenix Fun Facts:
i. Phoenix (Trading name): a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again.
ii. Unavida (Business name): Spanish for ‘one life’.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or complicated

There’s no reason to worry about it all being too hard or looking silly. The team at Phoenix Health & Fitness will take care of that for you. Have you ever seen anyone hula-hoop in giant steppers? No? Well today is your lucky day, as Melissa has previously attempted to do so – and we caught it on camera!
You might also be the blessed with the view of our Senior EP doing the magical ‘fake stairs’-trick or cracking a joke that will make you laugh harder than you should. Thus, fear not, the Phoenix team will always do their best to make you feel amazing!

Your results matter

Our credentials as a team don’t stop at hula-hooping or cracking a good joke. We genuinely care. We care that you get the tailored experience you deserve from a team of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals who are focused on results. Your results.

We make it FUN!

We know that exercise isn’t what makes most people spring out of bed in the morning. It’s hard work and takes motivation, which is why we make sure all our services make you feel as welcome, encouraged and supported as possible. As a free bonus, all of our sessions come with a sprinkling of humour, so you leave feeling good and with a smile on your face.
You’re welcome.

Want to see what all the fun talk is about?

Meet Shaun

“I started my journey with Phoenix Fitness in December 2017 and I am beyond proud to say I’ve reached my goal weight thanks to David Bennett. David is an accredited exercise physiologist who with his expertise and motivation has assisted me to finally reach my goal that I’ve dreamt of for years. Personally I was a very stubborn person when it came to exercise and my diet and did not like hearing the truth about the changes I had to start making. David stuck by me and pushed me to try harder and harder every day. Before I started at Phoenix Fitness my overall health was very bad in all areas and doctors would tell me I needed to make lifestyle changes immediately before I started to begin having to live with serious health implications. Thanks to David I’m happy to say I received my first blood test in a few years that was healthy. I have lost an overall weight of 65kg and continue every day to see positive changes in my body internally and externally. I would not have reached this goal of mine without David and owe him many thanks for everything he has helped me achieve.”

Still Reading???

I guess it’s time that we get to the nitty-gritty: the part where I talk about my practice in the third person and list out my creds. 

David Bennett: Senior Exercise Physiologist/Managing Director 

David is a true professional that prides his practice on bringing results to the table.

As for the details, I’ve saved you the pain and listed them in easy-to-read bullet points:

  • UNSW: Particpated in an effects of exercise and PTSD study with Dr Simon Rosenbaum (video links available soon)
  • UNSW: Involved in providing advice to universities regarding “Best Practice” for student placements 
  • Regular ESSA MOVE magazine contributor to ESSA: Provide patient case studies in enabling “Best Practice” conformity
  • ESSA: Key Opinion Leader for the ERAA (Exercise Right Active Aging) program
  • ESSA: Collaborator for multiple best-practice topics
  • Presenter for various organisations, e.g., Toukley 50+ Leisure & Learning Centre, ADC, facilitating face-to-face workshops for the Exercise is Medicine program
  • Facilitator for Healthy and Active for Life (Central Coast Lower Health District)
  • Contracted Supervisor/Mentor for students from UNE, Charles Sturt University, Sydney University and Newcastle University
  • Exercise Scientist of the Year 2015 
  • Nominated for Exercise Physiologist of the Year for three years running

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